In July 2006 i contacted renowned games industry musician, Tim Wright - a.k.a CoLD SToRAGE, about the possibility of a video to showcase his music and my 3d work. Asimov developed over 5 months of late nights (and excessive caffeine consumption ;) ) and proved to be a fantastic learning and creative experience in every way (click here)


The Amazing Splendidio's

Follow the Amazing Splendidio Siblings through the trials, tribulations, perils and pitfalls that befall them as they strive to become the finest variety act the world has ever seen.
They sing, they dance, they maim and they mime (click here)


Onslaught Racing League

3rd Year University Project (Group Industrial Unit).
The Brief for this project was to "Devise a potential video game idea and produce a 30 second trailer to promote it."
This was the result (click here)


"Liar, Liar"

A brief character animation practice project featuring audio taken from the film "Liar, Liar"

(click here)


The infinite riddle of the missing wash-sock

The intrepid wrestler character returns to investigate why he loses a sock each time he does the washing.... truly one of life's great mysteries. (click here)


March of the Spandex Titans

Short character animation unit from university. Depicts the journey of a wrestler character fresh from a steroid sandwich and down the ramp of the entrance.
An early project... and it shows ;) (click here)


Rock, Paper, Scissors... Toast?

My first dabblings with 3d. You'll laugh!, you'll cry!... but not for the right reasons ;)
here you are, i'm sorry.... (click here)